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Dental fillings

Dental Fillings treat minor teeth cavities. The dentist removes the decayed tooth tissue and fills the gap with a filling material.

Dental Fillings in Dubai

Tooth decay is a widely common issue. A small cavity can grow and worsen if left untreated. This causes tooth infection leading to root canal procedure, and in some cases, leaves the patient with no other choice than extraction.

Therefore, treating the cavity with dental fillings during its early stages prevents further complications. What are Dental Fillings?

When dentists notice a cavity in a patient’s tooth, they use a local anesthetic to numb the area around it. Then, the dentist uses a drill to eliminate the decayed part of the tooth. After removing the decay, the dentist cleans the area to keep any bacteria away. The dentist starts building the filling, and this process varies depending on the material the dentist uses.

Best Dental Fillings in Dubai

Types of Dental Fillings

There is a variety of materials that make up dental fillings. Dental fillings can be made of gold, silver amalgam, different tooth-colored composite materials, and porcelain.

Every material has its unique advantages. The dentist chooses the right type of filling depending on the patient’s case. This means that the dentist’s recommendation takes into consideration certain factors. Such as the location of the decay, its degree, and the patient’s insurance plan.

What is the Difference between Composite and Porcelain Fillings?

Similarities and differences between Composite and Porcelain:

Both porcelain and composite fillings require using light that hardens the cement material. Composite resin is placed on the tooth where it is needed and gets hardened with the light. However, the porcelain filling is a hard pre-build filling that is bonded into the cavity. In cases where a tooth requires a cusp replacement, the recommended option is porcelain reconstruction of the tooth. And in cases where a tooth needs smaller fillings, composite resin fillings are recommended. At Levantine Dental Clinic both options are available. It’s a matter of working out with our patients which option suits their expectations and budget.

Gold Fillings

Gold Fillings (inlays)

The advantage of gold fillings is that they can last 10 to 15 years. They are recommended due to their durability. Thanks to their metallic structure, they are sufficiently strong to bear up against the forces of chewing. Moreover, gold doesn’t get worn out or deteriorate, which increases its durability more. However, gold fillings are generally higher in price compared to other types of dental fillings. They also need multiple visits to the clinic. During this time, temporary dental fillings are applied until the gold fillings are finalized. In addition, the majority of patients prefer fillings that match the natural tooth color over colored fillings.
Silver Fillings

Silver Fillings

Silver fillings, or amalgams, are made of a mixture of silver and different metals to construct a material that can be used as a filling. They are similar in terms of durability to gold fillings but more affordable.
However, patients tend to prefer tooth-colored fillings, as amalgam fillings are silver in color and highly noticeable. It is also worth mentioning that due to the silver fillings texture, these fillings expand or contract when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Silver fillings also need enough space for the filling to be placed. This means extra tooth material to be removed.

Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are made of resin composite that looks almost the same as the natural tooth. For this reason, patients are very fond of composite fillings, making them the most favorable choice. Moreover, these fillings bond with teeth better than metal fillings do. This helps strengthen the harmed teeth. Not to mention that they need less removal of the tooth than the needed amount for other dental fillings. Consequently, maintaining the teeth’s health. This is also one of the main reasons which make composite fillings greatly favorable for patients.
However, unlike metal fillings, composite fillings need to be repaired or replaced in a shorter lifespan than metal fillings.
Difference between Composite and Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are harder than composite fillings, and they look more natural. They also do not require a lot of tooth structure removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Filling?
What is a Filling?

A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When a dentist gives you a filling, he or she first removes the decayed tooth material, cleans the affected area, and then fills the cleaned out cavity with a filling material.

  • How do I know if I need a filling?
How do I know if I need a filling?

Only your dentist can detect whether you have a cavity that needs to be filled. During a checkup, your dentist will use a small mirror to examine the surfaces of each tooth.

  • What happens when you get a filling?
What happens when you get a filling?

If your dentist decides to fill a cavity, he or she will first remove the decay and clean the affected area. The cleaned-out cavity will then be filled with any of the variety of materials described above.

  • Why should I consider white fillings?
Why should I consider white fillings?

Most people have fillings of one sort or another in their mouths.
Nowadays fillings can be natural looking. Many people are more conscious about the way they look, so they don’t want silver fillings that show when they laugh or smile.

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Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No. R6QZ10OJ-210123 – 21/1/2024

© Copyright 2021 by Levantine Dental Clinic.

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