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Step into the world of advanced dental procedures at Levantine Dental Clinic in Dubai. Our laser dentistry techniques offer a precise, efficient, and comfortable solution for various dental issues. Conducted by expert dentists, laser dentistry is your pathway to a painless and quick dental experience.

Laser dental clinic in dubai

laser clinic offers its patients the laser dentistry in Dubai | Although laser treatments are very popular in the medical and cosmetic fields, their use in the dental field has been rising. Patients may be more familiar with laser whitening treatments. However, laser treatments offer a lot more in terms of oral care as well.

Laser treatments provide relief for patients who get irritated by the traditional drills and dental tools. Although laser treatments are not considered common in many dental clinics, their use to treat hard and soft tissue dental conditions is increasing. And they are an option at Levantine Dental Clinic.


What are the Uses of Laser Dentistry?

Amongst the various laser dentistry treatments, we provide you with some of the treatments available at Levantine Dental Clinic.

Third Molar Extraction

When patients have to get their wisdom teeth removed, the first thing they should do is get scans of their teeth.

Aphthous Ulcer Treatment

Aphthous ulcer, also known as canker sores, are small lesions that appear on the oral soft tissue or at the base of a patient’s gums.

Exposure of Unerupted Teeth

Teeth that fail to erupt may be impacted, and the dentist exposes impacted teeth to help them erupt in.

TMJ Pain Treatment

Dentists at Levantine Dental Clinic use the equipment to relieve patients who suffer from TMJ disorder, low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

Frenectomy and Frenotomy

The frenulum is the tissue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, and the lips to the inside of the mouth.

Laser Gingivectomy

Laser gingivectomy procedure eliminates excess gum tissue, and it treats gummy smiles as well periodontal disease.

Dental Laser Treatments benefits

Dental Laser Treatments benefits:

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Laser Dentistry FAQs

A dental laser is a device that uses highly concentrated beams of light to remove gum infection, eliminate tooth decay, or whiten teeth. It is a more comfortable treatment option that dentists can
offer to their patients. That’s because it is less invasive than drilling and other traditional dental procedures.

Laser dentistry is very safe. When operating within the appropriate guidelines, trained dentist performs procedures that are safe or safer than the other forms of dental treatment. Dental
lasers are approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
With the correct training and proper eye protection, laser dentistry is very safe.

The time of recovery depends on the procedure type, the body type that how does it heal after any injury or surgery, and so on. But in most of the cases, the recovery time is very small

Most patients have no problems at all however you may find there is a minor adjustment period while you get use to wearing the aligners.

Procedures involving dental lasers are mostly painless. That’s because pain is usually caused by either vibrations or heat during dental procedures. Dental lasers actually avoid both! People who are fearful of the pain that might occur during certain dental procedures can stand to benefit greatly from dental laser treatments.

There are numerous procedures that can be done with laser dentistry, such as gum shaping, teeth whitening, detection of cavities, and gum reshaping and so on.

Laser dentistry has two major benefits. One is that, it makes the treatment more precise and accurate for the dentist. The second is that it reduces the pain as well as blood loss, during the process and after it.

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