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Invisible BRACES

Step into the world of advanced orthodontics at Levantine Dental Clinic in Dubai. Our Lingual Braces system offers a discreet, effective, and personalized solution for your smile. Administered by expert dentists, Lingual Braces are your key to a perfectly aligned smile, hidden from view.

What are Lingual Braces

Lingual braces, which are made up of tiny metal brackets and archwires, function similarly to regular braces. They use constant pressure to softly and progressively straighten teeth, which can assist with gaps, overcrowding, rotated teeth, and bite issues. Teeth will seem correctly set and aligned after treatment and will keep developing more naturally. Lingual braces, on the other hand, are glued to the back of the teeth, unlike regular braces. The brackets are specially designed to accommodate each patient’s unique form of teeth. Lingual braces are completely invisible to others while straightening teeth and creating a healthy smile, and they function just as well as regular braces.

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What are the Main Differences Between Traditional Braces and Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are comparable in appearance to traditional metal and ceramic braces. Instead of being affixed to the front surfaces of the teeth, they are bonded to the inside or “lingual” surfaces of the teeth, which distinguishes them from traditional braces. As a result, lingual braces are nearly undetectable. Compared to traditional braces, lingual braces provide improved aesthetics and ease.
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Because of their cost and quick results, these braces have been a popular choice for years. Traditional braces consist of a metal bracket attached to the teeth and a flexible metal wire connecting them. This wire exerts pressure on the teeth, causing them to move into place. Apart from their efficiency, the nicest thing about traditional metal braces is that they are the most affordable orthodontic treatment option. Teenagers also like the option of using colored rubber bands to surround each bracket to personalize their braces.
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Lingual Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most popular reasons for teens and adults to forgo orthodontic treatment because they are distracting and unappealing. They do, however, desire straighter teeth. Some treatments, such as Incognito lingual braces, have emerged throughout the years. Lingual orthodontic treatments move your teeth more gently since the brackets are attached to the tongue side of your teeth rather than the lip side. Lingual and traditional braces require the same X-rays, pictures, and molds as traditional braces, including the removal of wisdom teeth or teeth that are very crowded.

Which Dental Cases Can Lingual Braces Treat?

An extreme vertical overlapping of the upper teeth over the lower teeth is known as a deep bite. Not only is this a cosmetic issue, but it can also have a negative impact on one’s oral health since brushing and cleaning become tough. Lingual braces are one of the most effective treatments for difficult orthodontic issues such as an overbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, and large gaps between teeth. Likewise, when lingual braces are compared to Invisalign removable aligners, lingual braces may cure a wider spectrum of orthodontic issues.

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Placed behind the teeth, a truly invisible, aesthetic appliance system with no concern about patient compliance.


Brackets and wires are engineered to deliver targeted results that the dentist predefines through unique prescription for each patient.


Each bracket pad and body conforms to the patient’s dental anatomy, optimizing comfort.

Advantages of Lingual Braces Lingual Braces

What are the Advantages of Lingual Braces?

Our orthodontists are authorized by Incognito™

We are certified and authorized to perform treatments that involve Incognito. With this certifications, patients can rest assured that our orthodontic treatments adhere to the highest industry standards. This helps ensure they enjoy the benefits of a quality and effective treatment, and they will have the beautiful smile they have always wanted.


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Highly accomplished orthodontist holds a Master’s degree in Orthodontics from European University College and possesses a specialty certificate from the prestigious Malmo University in Sweden, renowned for its excellence in the field of orthodontics. Compliant with the rigorous standards set by the Swedish national board, Dr. Amer has garnered a wealth of expertise spanning over 20 years in this specialized realm of dentistry.

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Lingual Braces FAQs

Lingual braces which are also called “hidden”, “concealed” or invisible braces, are the only non-visible form of fixed orthodontic therapy. These braces are placed on the tongue side of the teeth; this makes them virtually invisible. Patients who want the least visible type of fixed braces may find that these braces are exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Although some minimal changes can sometimes be detected in speech within the first few days of wearing lingual braces, this usually disappears as soon as you become accustomed to wearing them.

Although some minimal changes can sometimes be detected in speech within the first few days of wearing lingual braces, this usually disappears as soon as you become accustomed to wearing
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The cost of lingual braces in Dubai varies depending on the complexity of the case and individual needs. A consultation is recommended for a precise quote.

Yes, lingual braces are effective for treating various dental alignments and malocclusions, similar to traditional braces but with added aesthetic benefits.them.

Lingual braces require specialized training. It’s important to seek treatment from an orthodontist experienced in this specific technique.

The treatment duration for lingual braces is comparable to traditional braces, depending on the complexity of the dental issue being corrected.

While there may be some discomfort initially, most patients adapt quickly. Lingual braces may cause temporary irritation to the tongue.

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