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Damon Braces in Dubai

Unlike traditional braces, the Damon System employs moderate pressures to preserve the teeth and gums while the patient is in treatment. The Damon System provides not only straight teeth, but also an attractive and natural smile. A wider smile with a wider arch is generally more appealing. This is known as a Damon Smile.

The Damon System is available at Levantine Dental Clinic in both Metal and transparent brackets. If the patient is wearing Damon clear braces, people may not even notice them. Damon Clear braces are almost transparent, unlike other clear braces with exposed metal elements or elastic bands. Damon Clear braces are stain-resistant and do not need elastic bands, making them a more attractive option for patients.

Damon Braces

Benefits of Damon Braces

Damon Smile technology is unique as it reduces the amount of force used to guide the patient’s teeth into position. The procedure becomes far less overwhelming when the patient can wear braces comfortably.

Faster outcomes

There is no need to tighten the wire with Damon braces because they don’t have metal or plastic ties. Damon Smile also includes a special self-ligating technology. The elastics of regular braces are replaced with a specific clip with a “door“.

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Fewer visits to the dental clinic

Shape-memory wires are lightweight and allow teeth to move more freely and faster without requiring as many modifications.

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Damon Smile realigns teeth and improves facial appearance without the use of fast palatal expanders or tooth extraction. The sliding feature enables more pleasant tooth adjustment.

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Better dental hygiene

Damon braces are simple to wash since they don’t have any ties that might trap bits of food.

What is the Difference Between Damon Braces and Traditional Braces?

Dr. Dwight Damon created the ‘Damon System,’ or Damon braces, in 1996. He created them expressly to reduce friction between the wires and the brackets, which has been linked to longer treatment periods and pain.

The way the wire is attached to the brackets on the patient’s teeth is the key distinction between Damon braces and regular braces.

Traditional braces employ elastic bands or wires to tie the wire into the brackets. To tie the wire into the brackets, traditional braces employ elastic bands or tiny wires. Damon braces, on the other hand, have a unique sliding structure that allows the patient’s teeth to move more freely while decreasing friction. Damon Braces entails fewer visits to the orthodontist to tighten the wires, moves teeth faster, and does so without the need to extract teeth or the use of expanders.

They’re also more discreet and more sanitary, since traditional braces’ rubber bands can store germs and plaque.

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Orthodontist: Dr. Amer Ziad Nahas

Dr. Amer Ziad Nahas has a Master’s degree in Orthodontics from European University College, along with a specialty certificate in Orthodontics from one of the best universities in the field of orthodontics Malmo University in Sweden, in accordance with the Swedish national board. And today, he has accumulated over 18 years of experience in this dental area of specialization.
Dr. Amer is a dental specialist trained in the anticipation, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities.
Dr. Amer treats children and adults, providing treatment with fixed conventional and lingual (INCOGNITO) appliances as well as clear aligners.
Levantine offers a broad spectrum of treatment choices to straighten crooked teeth, settle bad bites, and align the jaws accurately. While orthodontists are fundamentally known for straightening teeth, they can also help with painful and misaligned bites, tooth movement caused by bad habits such as thumb sucking, and even a few shapes of sleep apnoea.
If you are curious to know what an orthodontist can do for your smile, you ought to schedule an appointment with us and have a check-up.

Consult with Dubai’s leading certified orthodontists & specialists in Damon Clear Braces

Our certification means that all our patients enjoy dental services that meet the highest global standards today. It also shows our dedication to provide only the possible orthodontic treatments to each and every patient. If you need more information, please call us and schedule a consultation with our orthodontist today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Damon and other braces?
What is the difference between Damon and other braces?

Damon System does more than just aligning teeth – it creates a beautiful smile you can be confident with. Before applying Damon clear braces, our orthodontist will first diagnose your smile and take a look at your facial features, dental structure and other factors. We will anticipate what these will look like in the future, particularly when you reach your 40s and 50s and beyond. That’s because the Damon System is designed to produce and deliver lifetime results.

  • What materials do Damon metal braces use?
What materials do Damon metal braces use?

It is available in two types of materials: stainless steel or polycarbonate (for greater durability and strength).

  • Since it works so quickly, does that mean it is unsafe?
Since it works so quickly, does that mean it is unsafe?

No. The reason for Damon System’s fast visible results is because it uses a far gentler, more biologically sensible push to move and align teeth, unlike conventional braces. Its low friction nature guarantees better teeth alignment and enhanced facial harmony. Because Damon Clear uses exceptionally light “shape memory” titanium wires, the treatment is gentle and comfortable and people experience very minimal discomfort.

  • What materials does Damon Clear use?
What materials does Damon Clear use?

Damon Clear dental braces are made of ceramic which delivers guaranteed durability and improved aesthetic factor.

  • Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?
Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?

Damon Clear braces use extremely light “shape memory” titanium wires which gently guide and move teeth to their ideal position. As such, numerous patients experience very little discomfort throughout the treatment.

  • How long does treatment take?
How long does treatment take?

Duration of treatment is significantly shorter – up to 6 months faster – compared with traditional braces. Damon System also requires fewer appointments all throughout.

  • What about adult treatment?
What about adult treatment?

Adults can likewise benefit from Damon System’s quick, easy, comfortable treatment and high quality results.

  • What materials are the Damon System archwires made of?
What materials are the Damon System archwires made of?

The archwires are available in various materials and sizes, including a nickel-free solution. Consult with your Orthodontist to know which will work perfect for you.

Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No. R6QZ10OJ-210123 – 21/1/2024

© Copyright 2021 by Levantine Dental Clinic.


Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No. R6QZ10OJ-210123 – 21/1/2024

© Copyright 2021 by Levantine Dental Clinic.

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