Orthodontic cases at Levantine Clinic

Orthodontic Treatment Cases

Witness the remarkable transformations achieved through orthodontic treatment. Explore our gallery of before and after photos showcasing the results of our patients’ orthodontic journeys. Get inspired by the possibilities and envision your own smile transformation. Contact us to begin your smile makeover.

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22-copy-n1 22-copy-n
19-1-copy 19-copy
15-1-copy 15-copy
13-copy 13-1-copy
9-1-copy 9-copy
11-copy 11-1-copy
5-1-copy 5-copy
2-1-copy 2-copy
1-1-copy 1-copy
24-copy-n1 24-copy-n
21-copy-n 21-copy-n1
20-copy-n 20-copy-n1
18-copy-n 18-copy-n1
17-copy-n1 17-copy-n
16-copy-n1 16-copy-n
14-copy-n 14-copy-n1
7-copy-n1 7-copy-n
8-copy-n 8-copy-n1
10-copy-n1 10-copy-n
12-copy-n1 12-copy-n
6-copy-n 6-copy-n1
4-copy-n1 4-copy-n
3-copy-n 3-copy-n1
44-1-copy 44-copy
43-copy 43-1-copy
25-copy-n1 26-1-copy
26-copy 26-1-copy
28-1-copy 28-copy
29-copy 29-1-copy
32-copy 32-1-copy
33-copy 33-1-copy
34-copy 34-1-copy
36-copy 36-1-copy
37-1-copy 37-copy
40-copy 40-1-copy
45-1-copy 45-copy
30-copy 30-1-copy
42-1-copy 42-copy
27-1-copy 27-copy
27-1-copy 27-copy
31-copy 31-1-copy
1before 1after
11-before-ortho 11-after-ortho
2before 2after
4before 4after
5before 5after
6before 6after
13before 13after
14before 14after
15before 15after
16before 16after
17before 17after
18before 18after
19before 19after
20before 20after
21before 21after
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