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Step into the world of advanced dental diagnostics at Levantine Dental Clinic in Dubai. Our state-of-the-art X-ray technology provides a clear, detailed, and comprehensive view of your oral health. Conducted by expert dentists, our dental X-rays are your pathway to a healthier smile.

Best Dental X-Ray in Dubai

If you’re experiencing tooth problems, a Dental x-ray is a recommended procedure to include in your dental care treatment plan. It provides an accurate view of your teeth and can help identify and eliminate any issues quickly. While it can be challenging to deal with dental problems immediately, the detailed nature of Dental x-rays allows dental professionals to identify issues with complete accuracy and provide appropriate treatment. By opting for a Dental x-ray, you can be assured that any potential challenges will be identified and addressed promptly, allowing you to focus on the necessary steps to maintain your oral health.

best dental x ray in dubai
Is the Dental X-Ray safe

Is the Dental X-Ray safe?

Yes, Dental x-ray procedures are designed to be safe. They are very good even for children, so you never have to worry about any
potential downsides or similar problems. You need to do all you can in order to solve the problem as fast as possible.
Dental X-ray procedures have evolved quite a lot in the past few decades and now we can easily see the dental issue causes and
how you can treat them All you have to do is to make sure that you handle this with complete accuracy and results can be second to
none in the end.
If you or your child have intense tooth pain, then it’s a good idea to opt for a Dental x-ray as fast as possible. This way any medical
professional can identify the issue and deal with it as fast as possible. Do that and you will be able to solve dental health problems very fast!

What can the Dental x-ray do for you?



The Dental x-ray is capable of identifying cavities and assessing their current condition. Additionally, it can provide a view of the tooth roots, which is crucial in determining if extra care is necessary.



Dental x-ray can also check the health of the bone surrounding the tooth and determine if periodontal disease is a contributing factor. Furthermore, it can help you understand the causes of teeth development, which can be advantageous for your oral health in the long term.



Dental X-rays are an effective and cost-efficient way to monitor oral health, identify cavities, assess their condition, and evaluate bone health. They provide detailed information that helps dental professionals quickly identify and address any issues..

Dental x-ray types:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s safe to get an X-ray during pregnancy. Although radiation from dental X-rays is extremely low, your dentist or hygienist will cover you with a leaded apron that minimizes exposure to the abdomen.
Because children are generally more susceptible to getting cavities, dental X-rays may often be recommended at every sixmonth appointment. That said, some kids may need scans less frequently (every two or three years) if their teeth and gums are healthy. The good news for kids’ oral health is that dental X-rays are safer now than they have ever been. Many dentists now use digital X-rays that give off 80% less radiation than film X-rays.

Dentists are sensitive to patient concerns about radiation exposure from X-rays. They will only perform X-rays when they are absolutely necessary. Dental x-rays are considered safe when
your dentist follows the proper techniques and procedures to minimize your radiation exposure. The X-ray beam on this machine is so focused that it reduces scatter radiation to allow dentists to see better images of your teeth while offering low doses of radiation. You don’t have to be afraid of X-rays! Your teeth and gums will thank you for getting them.

A physical dental exam can only give your dentist a limited view of your oral health. X-rays are used in conjunction with a physical exam and work as an important diagnostic tool. They provide your
dentist the ability to see between your teeth, below your gum line, and your tooth roots. If your dentist notices any issues with your oral health on your scans, he or she can more readily
recommend a treatment plan so that your dental problems don’t have a chance to worsen.

If you care for your teeth properly and don’t have apparent dental problems, you can go two to three years between scans. But if you have decay present or are at a higher risk for cavities, you may need to receive X-rays every six to 12 months.
Dental X-rays are one of the smallest radiation-dose studies performed in modern medicine. A routine exam with four Bite Wings transmits about 0.005 mSv, which is very similar to the amount of radiation a person would be exposed to during a plane flight of one to two hours.
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