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Hollywood Smile is a full renovation of the smile. In other words, it is a prosthetic remodeling of both jaws using caps, veneers, dental crowns, bridges, and implants (depending on each case and whether the teeth are in good shape or they have enough tooth structure to build on).

Get Your Hollywood Smile at Levantine Dental

Your smile is an important part of the first impression you give to others when you meet them, therefore it affects your social life. It is not only about the lips, but also the teeth and gums behind it.
Smile design can be applied to anyone who is not satisfied with their appearance, because a great smile boosts your confidence and makes you feel more attractive.
Levantine Dental Clinic aims at achieving high standards and the right criteria of the perfect smile. Hence, the color of the teeth should contrast with the skin and the white color in the eyes. Moreover, the gum should follow the contour of the teeth, and it should be light pink. Taking into consideration that oval, slender, and slightly tall teeth look more attractive on females and square, round and bulky teeth look good on males. The following tips are some of the aspects that should be taken into consideration when a patient is getting the Hollywood Smile.
Symmetrical in size shape and length scaled

First, symmetry around the central line is very important for an aesthetically pleasing smile (symmetrical in size, shape, and length).
Parallel to pupils of the eyes scaled

Second, the smile line should be aligned so it is parallel to the horizontal line, which connects between the pupils of the eyes.
Upper teeth parallel to the lower lip scaled

Finally, the edges of the upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip.
Hollywood Smile Makeover

Hollywood Smile Makeover in Dubai – How is it Done?

Have you ever wondered how cosmetic dentists achieve the perfect smile?
A Hollywood smile makeover procedure consists of a set of steps, starting with a consultation appointment and ending with a follow-up appointment to assess the result. The following explains each step briefly, which raises our potential patients’ awareness about the makeover procedure in general.

– Consultation

Our Cosmetic Dentists assess the patient’s teeth to figure out which type of veneers are a good fit. We also inform our patients about the whole procedure of Hollywood Smile Makeover, from A to Z.
During the consultation, the patient shares the expected and desired smile metrics (such as the length, width, and color of the desired teeth). Similarly, the dentist guides the patient, shares the best practices and explores what would look more aesthetic and what would work perfectly for the patient. If Porcelain veneers are the right choice for the patient, the dentist carries out the rest of the following steps.
Our Dentists then carry on with taking impressions and photos of the patient’s mouth, which helps in creating temporary veneers and a Digital Smile Design of the patient’s new Hollywood Smile Makeover.

Digital Smile Design DSD and Execution

– Digital Smile Design (DSD) and Execution

Digital Smile Design has enhanced Dentistry practices greatly. DSD strengthens dental restorations outcomes and guarantees fulfilling results for patients.
Dentists at Levantine make the temporary veneers depending on the primary consultation requirements, which they prepare for placement in case the patient agrees with this design. The patient previews the result of the DSD -Digital Smile Design, and if satisfied with the design, our Cosmetic Dentists will start working on the patient’s teeth. The dentist removes a really thin layer of the tooth’s enamel to create space for placing temporary veneers until the final veneers are done. As soon as the dentist finishes taking the thin layer off, the dentist takes a new impression of the teeth and sends it to the lab where the permanent Veneers are designed and made.

– Permanent Installation

During the third visit, the dentist places your excellent custom porcelain veneers. Our cosmetic dentist installs the veneers on your teeth and evaluates them, and the teeth may have to be trimmed to guarantee perfect fitting. As soon as your veneers fit flawlessly, the dentist cleans and polishes your teeth. A high-quality dental cement is applied to each veneer to be placed on your teeth. Once in place, our cosmetic dentist will use a special light on each veneer to solidify the dental cement. After the dentist places all the veneers, the surplus dental cement will be removed.

Later on, it is important to have a follow-up visit to assess the overall oral health and how the teeth and gum are responding to the veneers.
Permanent Installation

Cases that need orthodontics before getting a Hollywood smile

Many patients ask their dentists to place veneers on their teeth while they are overlapping or spaced apart. However, it is the dentist’s responsibility to seek to reduce the enamel layer that needs to be removed to place the cosmetic veneers. The dentist does so by treating the problem with the patient’s teeth before placing the veneers.
Well-aligned teeth improve the patient’s smile. Moreover, evenly spaced teeth help maintain oral hygiene, as opposed to crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth. In other words, veneers give a beautiful smile, but the improvement of general health is more easily done with orthodontics.

There are several options for orthodontics:
Metal and crystal braces
Lingual Braces
Damon Braces
EON Aligner

Cases that Need Teeth Whitening Before Placing Veneers to Get the Perfect Hollywood Smile

Some patients have to undergo teeth whitening procedures first to get the perfect results for a
Hollywood smile. These cases include:
1. Those who suffer from gum disease, especially those that cause the roots of the teeth to become exposed.
2. Those who suffer from any problems related to orthodontic procedures.
3. Those who suffer from severe tooth decay.

Cases that Need dental veneers when getting a Hollywood smile

Patients who suffer from some permanent conditions such as change in the color of the teeth due to
fluoride or discoloration caused by tetracycline, tooth erosion as a result of caries and bad habits
(such as biting the pen and nails) need veneers to get the perfect Hollywood smile.
Digital Smile Design How Does it Work

Digital Smile Design – How Does it Work?

Digital Smile Design is a special planning tool for dental treatment. It empowers the dentist’s vision of diagnosis, enhances expectations, and strengthens understanding between the dentist and the patient. Therefore, analyzing the dental and facial measures of a patient helps in forming the treatment plan. DSD provides a better perception of the interrelation among the teeth, gums, lips, and how they cooperate to create the patient’s smile.
Moreover, dentists who work with the Digital Smile Designer tool have a great artistic perspective. They take into consideration the patient’s emotional reactions and facial expressions in certain situations.

Digital Smile Design – Applying the Latest Technology to Get the suitable Hollywood Smile Price in UAE

How does the DSD tool work?
The dentist takes 3D photos and videos of all angles of the patient’s mouth, and the digital smile design software stores these inputs. The dentist then virtually places different shapes over the patient’s teeth in the images, allowing the patient to get a brief insight on what to expect from the smile makeover. In addition, this helps the dentist understand better the required physical model to be created in the lab.
Patients should invest time in the process as it is important to convey their needs and opinions to the dentist. The dentist can and should edit the digital smile design model until patients are fully satisfied with the virtual result, this means that the patients contribute to designing their smiles. Once the digital smile design is approved, the restoration process begins.
How does the DSD tool work

DSD is a very powerful tool
In other words, DSD is a very powerful tool as it supports predictability, which is a crucial element that cannot be otherwise found in the old, conventional methods especially the ones that do not involve digital software.

Design your Hollywood smile with Levantine Dental Clinic dentists using the latest technology. Book your appointment now for a consultation session.
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Get That Stunning Hollywood Smile In Dubai That You’ve Always Wanted

he team of experts at Levantine Dental Clinic is proud to offer a specialized procedure named Hollywood Smile. The procedure is specifically focused to cater to the needs of our esteemed clients who wish to have a stunning celebrity-like smile. By combining world-class dental solutions with tested and proven methods, the specialists at our Hollywood smile clinic in Dubai will transform your look with a smile that is sure to give your self-esteem a boost. If you’re ready to get back your confidence with a smile that you can show off the world, then the highly trained and experienced dentists at Hollywood smile dental clinic in Dubai are ready to serve you.

hollywood smile round

Want To Achieve A Hollywood Smile In Dubai? We’ll Cater The Procedure As Per Your Requirements!

Here at Levantine, we believe in tailoring our service according to the preference and needs of our patients. Each patient has a unique perception of the ‘perfect smile.’ While some envision it to be a charismatic beam, others may prefer a subtler grin. Whatever the case, our team here at Levantine will work hard to help you achieve results that exceed your expectations.

Using advanced technologies in cosmetic dentistry, we will develop a customized treatment plan to ensure that the results you desire are achieved. The procedure starts with an initial consultation in which we will discuss the current state of your teeth, learn about your expectations, and finally draw out a plan focused on achieving your desired results. Based on the consultation, ours specialists will create a well-thought package that is designed to give you your desired results. Your custom-tailored procedure may include the following:

hollywood smile veneers


The application of dental veneers to prevent further tooth damage and enhance the appearance of the teeth


Teeth whitening to break down tooth stains and make them look brighter
hollywood smile teeth straight


Teeth straightening to align your crooked teeth


Ready to improve the appearance of your teeth? Contact our dental clinic at today and find out the price of a customized procedure. We will make sure to give you a great deal at an excellent price.




Hollywood Smile cases treated at Levantine Dental Clinic

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Hollywood Smile FAQs

  • What is a Hollywood Smile?
What is a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile refers to the ideal designer smile most celebrities and models’ glove. It constitutes specific attributes of pearly, bright, aligned, and gap-free whites. The Hollywood smile
procedure is a simple procedure that can fix an extensive array of dental impairments. The aim of this smile is to get an ideal set of teeth and a glowing grin.

  • How long do the results last?
How long do the results last?

Lasting results generally depend on each person’s lifestyle and eating habits, but typically speaking you should see results last 6 months to a year.

  • Can Hollywood Smile be applied to broken or crooked teeth?
Can Hollywood Smile be applied to broken or crooked teeth?

The Hollywood Smile application is done to fix exactly these two situations. You can restore broken teeth, including crooked teeth to a certain extent, thanks to the smile design, you can get pearly  teeth and a wonderful smile.

  • Can a Hollywood Smile procedure whiten my teeth?
Can a Hollywood Smile procedure whiten my teeth?

Yes, absolutely. The main goal of receiving this cosmetic treatment by patients is to whiten their teeth. An efficient Hollywood smile procedure should whiten the patients’ teeth to their most extent.

  • How does Hollywood Smile actually work?
How does Hollywood Smile actually work?

Hollywood smile works like most dental products. Our top of the line gels contains the same ingredients used by dental professionals to whiten your teeth. Additionally, there are several
other healthy ingredients to support whitening, helping to clean and protect your teeth. The gel holds to your teeth long enough for the whitening agents to be absorbed, leaving you with a bright, safe, and healthy smile, with little to no sensitivity.

  • Is Hollywood Smile a painful procedure?
Is Hollywood Smile a painful procedure?

Local anesthesia is applied before all procedures and the patient
does not feel any pain.

  • Is the Hollywood Smile procedure safe?
Is the Hollywood Smile procedure safe?

Yes, the Hollywood smile procedure is completely safe and

Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No. R6QZ10OJ-210123 – 21/1/2024

© Copyright 2021 by Levantine Dental Clinic.


Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No. R6QZ10OJ-210123 – 21/1/2024

© Copyright 2021 by Levantine Dental Clinic.

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