Teeth Whitening Methods in Dubai

Teeth whitening is the most essential cosmetic dentistry procedure. Stains accumulate on teeth over time from food, drinks, medicines, or habits such as smoking. Numerous individuals choose to whiten their teeth to get a brighter smile. Some products like toothpaste, rinses and whitestrips offer moderate results for a brighter smile, professional tooth whitening gives a much lighter shade (5 to 8 times lighter).

Teeth whitening is the most performed dental procedure.

Who does not want a shiny, white smile?

With time, consuming products containing caffeine, or beverages and foods in general, smoking, and aging can all cause discoloration in teeth. If you are considering brightening your smile, there are many options to choose from. It is highly recommended that if you choose to do teeth whitening, consult with the dentist first. The dentist will guide you and help you choose the perfect whitening option for you and manage your treatment plan to refrain from any harm or complications.

The Best Teeth Whitening Methods in Dubai

White, bright teeth are surely more attractive, especially that individuals with white teeth appear healthier, more confident, and more successful than those of us who have more of a yellow shade. However, the majority of individuals cannot attain that desired color if it weren’t for teeth whitening methods and technology.

Luckily, various options exist for teeth whitening, the perfect ones are Laser, Zoom, and Plasma teeth whitening. In order to choose the right method, we provide you with a brief of each of the three methods below.

Before reading about laser, zoom, and plasma teeth whitening methods, it is important to know the main difference between a “whitening” product and a “bleaching” process. 

Whitening products remove the food or stain from the teeth without bleaching.

However, bleaching products contain peroxide, which removes the surface and deep stains of the teeth and allows them to be whiter than the natural white shade.

Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure in Dubai

Laser technology has altered the methods in which numerous cosmetic procedures are carried out, including dentistry.
Laser teeth whitening is a greatly successful method to eliminate stains and discoloration from the teeth, rendering them whiter and lighter.
The laser teeth whitening procedure is easy and effortless. To start with, the dentist applies a peroxide-based gel onto the patient’s teeth. The dentist applies the peroxide very carefully to guarantee that the bleach does not touch the delicate tissue of the gums, as this may cause a disturbance. Once the gel is applied, the dentist uses the laser’s heat to trigger a chemical reaction that decomposes stains and lightens the whiteness of teeth.
The laser merely releases a thin stream of light, which allows whitening only one tooth at a time. Therefore, the needed amount of time to complete this procedure depends on the patient’s desired number of teeth to be whitened.

Best Laser Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure in Dubai

Zoom teeth whitening is another exceptionally well-known bleaching procedure that can alter the patient’s teeth color.
Zoom teeth whitening is another exceptionally well-known bleaching procedure that can alter the patient’s teeth color. Similar to Laser teeth whitening, the dentist performs the needed measures to protect the gums and lips. Then, the dentist applies the Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel onto the patient’s teeth for 15 minutes. During this time, the Zoom light is turned on. Unlike Laser teeth whitening, the Zoom light aims at all of the patient’s teeth at the same time. Consequently, allowing the chemical reaction to make the whiteness of the patient’s teeth lighter.

Zoom teeth whitening procedure should happen over the course of three 15-minute sessions of light activation. Some cases might require more sessions of 15 minutes, however, the majority of patients recognize great results after their third session.

Best Zoom Teeth Whitening

Plasma Teeth Whitening Procedure in Dubai

Plasma teeth whitening is one of the most modern and common teeth whitening procedures. The procedure is simple and easy.

A specialized gel is applied to the patient’s teeth and gums, after which an arc plasma light is radiated on the teeth to activate the whitening process. It does not cause any heat, and the patient does not experience any discomfort. Moreover, the drug used in Plasma Light whitening does not hurt the teeth enamel or damage the pulp.

During the whitening process, the dentist gives the patient colored glasses to prevent the patient’s eyes from any potential harm caused by the light. The dentist also secures the patient’s gum using a block-out layer to avoid direct contact with the whitening gel. The patient’s lips are protected by a gel that keeps them hydrated during the whitening process.

Best Plasma Teeth Whitening

Gel is applied to the patient s gum

Instant results:

Plasma Light teeth whitening takes approximately an hour and a half at Levantine Dental Clinic for both upper and lower jaw simultaneously.

Durable Bleaching Result:

Usually, bleaching results last for many years, although it depends on oral hygiene, smoking, and food consumption habits (colored foods and beverages).
Therefore, it is recommended that after teeth whitening, the patient gets an at-home whitening kit consisting of a whitening tray and one tube which contains peroxide.
Regular application of the kit allows the patient to maintain a maximum shade of teeth whiteness, and at the same time avoid teeth discoloration. Regardless of a patient’s food and beverage consumption (including those that cause teeth discoloration), the patient’s smile will remain bright for long after the whitening procedure is done.

Using at Home Tube and Tray Procedure
How to Use the Kit
Clean the tray by brushing it before wearing it on your teeth. Then apply a small amount of whitening gel to the front side of your teeth on the tray, place it on your teeth, and remove any excess gels. Wear it for two to three hours, or overnight. After that, take off the tray and brush your teeth to get rid of any remaining gel. Lastly, clean the tray using cold water, and store it in a dry place.

Do the same over the course of three to five days, every while. It will help maintain the brightness of your teeth on a regular basis.

Make Heads Turn With A Bright Smile Through Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic procedure done around the world. It is one of the treatments that patients most desire when they visit their dentist for the simple reason that everyone wants to have bright and shiny teeth. If you wish to get rid of your yellow discolored teeth and instead have a stunning smile with white teeth, then come to Levantine Dental Clinic for the right teeth whitening in Dubai!

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Professional teeth whitening with Philips Zoom is safe, effective & affordable

Zoom whitening in Dubai is focused on the removal of stains from the teeth along with discoloration on the enamel surface that is caused by smoking or drinking lots of coffee or tea. Results vary depending on your dental health and the treatment you choose. However, the vast majority of patients treated by the team of specialists at our clinic have been satisfied with the outcome of their whitening treatment. So if you are interested in a teeth whitening treatment that is non-invasive and convenient, then visit our dental clinic right away to enjoy a dramatically improved smile and a huge boost of self-confidence.

Say Goodbye To Stained Teeth With Zoom Whitening

discolor teeth

Food stains are among the most common stains found on teeth. Other circumstances such as trauma that leads to bleeding and the utilization of certain medications can also cause darkening. If you’ve previously had a root canal done, the cement used for it can cause a stain to appear too. If you’ve had enough of hiding your smile to cover those discolored teeth, then visit us for an initial consultation where our experts will guide you about the most advanced teeth bleaching procedure.

Advantage of Whiter Teeth


Studies have shown the better we feel about ourselves in front of the mirror, the more confidence we will portray to others when we venture out into the world. When you look good, you will feel good about yourself.
healthy teeth


When we have a whiter, youthful looking smile it conveys health to others. Studies have shown that a person’s smile is a big influencer in how we are perceived on a first impression. It also shows others you take pride in your appearance.
out crowd


A whiter, brighter smile will draw others attention to you.


Feel free to schedule an initial consultation for Zoom teeth whitening in Dubai with our orthodontists so we can assess your condition and find out if this treatment is the right choice for you. To book an appointment, give us a call right now!

Stand Out In The Crowd – Let Your Teeth Shine Through

For the procedure, our dentists use a strong gel-like material containing high amounts of hydrogen peroxide and apply it immediately on the teeth surface. The material is then activated using a special light or laser. This is the Zoom Teeth Whitening process that is employed at our advanced dental clinic in Dubai.

The Zoom Whitening process usually takes 30-90 minutes, depending on the severity of the discoloration and the degree of whiteness you want to achieve, in home whitening, the dentist will prepare a mouth piece for you that looks like the night guard and fit it on your mouth to keep the whitening material in contact with the teeth. All you have to do is fill it up with the bleaching material for a few hours after the procedure as per the instructions given to you.

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Teeth whitening cases treated at Levantine Dental Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the treatment take?
How long does the treatment take?

Each treatment varies in time from 15-60 minutes. Our basic package takes 15 minutes and our platinum package takes 60 minutes.

  • How long will it take for teeth to become their whitest?
How long will it take for teeth to become their whitest?

Once the treatment is complete, you should expect the results to last roughly 6-9 months. However, eating or drinking staining foods, smoking, and other habits, will shorten the lifespan of your whiter teeth. In order to maintain their whiteness for as long as possible, you might cut down on or abstain from smoking, coffee, or sodas. Brushing with a whitening toothpaste may also help keep the whitening results looking their best for longer.

  • Is it safe?
Is it safe?

It is safe when delivered by a dentist. It’s important to remember that while the latest technology in tooth whitening makes it a very simple procedure for the patient, that it’s still a medical procedure and as such needs to be provided by a trained professional, to minimise the chance of sensitivity and gum damage afterwards. Our doctors are experts in using our products in a safe manner and tailor treatment to each individual – there is truly no’one size fits all’ approach.

  • How Long Does it Last?
How Long Does it Last?

The whitening may last up to two years. It does, however, lose its effects over time. If the cause is external, you can make subtle changes to your lifestyle to prevent re-occurrence. Brushing and flossing daily and the occasional professional cleaning will also extend the beauty.

If the discoloration was linked to a procedure such as a root canal and it returns after a whitening process you should return to your dentist for a thorough examination. An X-ray may be ordered to examine the surrounding structures.

  • Are there side effects to teeth whitening?
Are there side effects to teeth whitening?

Because whitening opens up the tiny pores in the tooth enamel, it can cause some tooth irritation and sensitivity to extreme temperature changes. Brushing with a toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help alleviate this discomfort, but otherwise you will need to wait for the saliva In your mouth to naturally cause those pores to close.

  • Will whitening damage my teeth?
Will whitening damage my teeth?

Teeth whitening does not injure or damage tooth structure eg. enamel. This is because it is being delivered by a dentist who has been trained to decide on the appropriate concentration of whitening agent and duration of application. Furthermore, the literature indicates that there is absolutely no potential for damage to tooth structure in such conditions.

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Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No. R6QZ10OJ-210123 – 21/1/2024

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since 2013