4 Steps to the Perfect Hollywood Smile

4 Steps to the Perfect Hollywood Smile

Everyone aspires to have the ideal Hollywood smile. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry makes it simple to have a great Hollywood smile with white, straight teeth. The demand for aesthetic dental operations is increasing as the trend spreads. The patient has access to a wide range of therapy alternatives and may choose one based on their needs and budget. 

Needed Adjustments Before Hollywood Smile

There are some cosmetic procedures that the dentist might need to carry out before starting the Hollywood smile treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an important treatment to get before the Hollywood Smile. It is a teeth-cleaning process that can improve the smile by removing stains and discoloration. While it doesn’t alter the size or shape of the teeth, a colour adjustment creates a more youthful and attractive smile.

Dental Veneers

The thin, shell-like structures known as veneers are often constructed of porcelain. It is a long-lasting method of enhancing the teeth’s size, colour, form, and alignment. A tiny portion of the tooth’s enamel must be removed before the personalized porcelain veneer can be affixed to it. It may sustain around 15 years with the right upkeep.

Dental Implants

A smile that has a gap from missing natural teeth might look unattractive. Dental implants may be employed successfully to close the gap, hence improving the bite and look. The dentist may favor dental bridges to replace lost natural teeth if an implant procedure cannot be performed. This is a powerful method to make someone smile again.

Dental Braces

To change the shape of teeth, an orthodontist may use clear aligners or dental braces. It can aid in closing spaces between teeth and straightening them. Invisalign, which uses invisible aligner trays to correct misalignment and improve appearance and smile, is an option for patients who are hesitant to get metal braces.

Hollywood Smile Procedure

1st Step: Consultation and smile evaluation

Cosmetic dentists will check your teeth during your consultation and smile assessment to determine whether porcelain veneers are the best option for you. They will also go through the complete scope of the ‘Hollywood’ Smile Makeover treatment.

You will talk about your ideal new teeth’s shape, length, width, and colour during this appointment. This is a critical step because patients have the chance to state their expectations and desired outcomes.

To create temporary veneers and a Digital Smile Design sample of the new Hollywood Smile Makeover for the second consultation, the dentist will take impressions and images of the patient’s mouth. This is done to make sure patients are completely happy with their new smile before committing.

2nd Step: Application & Preview for Digital Smile

The dentist produces a set of temporary veneers based on the specifications from the initial consultation, which are prepared for placement to proceed with this desired design. The patient is also shown a preview of the Digital Smile Design of the desired Hollywood Smile.

To make room for the temporary veneers, the cosmetic dentist will start by removing a very thin layer (less than half a millimetre) of the enamel from the patient’s teeth.

A fresh model of your teeth will be obtained when the removal procedure is complete, and it will be sent to the lab where the permanent Porcelain Veneers are developed and made.

3rd Step: Permanent Installation

Your personalised porcelain veneers are placed during the final visit.

The veneers will be applied to your teeth by the cosmetic dentist for assessment, and they might need to be adjusted or cut to guarantee a perfect fit.

Your teeth will be polished once your veneers have been fitted correctly so that they will adhere to the cement that will permanently glue your veneers in place.

Each veneer is coated with dental cement before getting attached to your teeth. Once each veneer is in place, the cosmetic dentist will solidify the dental cement using a special light.

Your bite will be examined once all of your veneers have been placed, and you will then have your own unique Hollywood Smile!

4th Step: Follow-up

A follow-up visit is required a few weeks following your treatment to make sure everything went smoothly. The patient’s mouth, gums, and veneers will all be examined to evaluate how they’re positioned and interacting with one another. 

At Levantine Dental Clinic, we provide a variety of Cosmetic Dentistry treatments that will significantly enhance the appearance of your smile. To make an appointment with one of our professional dentists: book appointment.

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